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2019-08-12 13:15:10
24 Mailboxes That’ll Make You Wonder What The Owner Was Smoking

Being a postman may have the rare, exciting occasion. For the most part, though, walking the same old route and seeing the same old mailboxes over and over can’t be that stimulating. Postmen of the world, rejoice! There are some people who have decided to personalize their mailboxes. When you run across some of these, your day is sure to feel more entertaining.

1. “Say ahhhhhhh.”

Coolest snowman ever!

2. In case you prefer your mail “well done”.

Microwave for a Mailboxes

3. “Hand over all the checks! You can keep the bills.”


4. My guess is this resident gets regular packages from Colorado.


5. This mailbox apparently has a crush on the mailman.

Cool and crushing mailbox design

6. “Please be gentle. Wait, where is your glove?!”

Memorable Mailboxes

7. “Aloha! No bills please.”

View image on Twitter

8. The periscope mailbox is perfect for that underground bunker.


9. Every mailman’s favorite stop (if only it worked).

Espresso Machine Mailbox

10. Dude, your mailboxes could use some wax.

Oversoul Display on Pinterest

11. So, this is what a bee feels like.


12. This mail route can be a hard drive sometimes.

Reuse Mac Mailbox

13. Apparently the long lost female member of The Blue Group has a new gig.


14. Don’t get bit!


15. Take my mail. I dare ya!

Now that

16. Grateful Dead mailbox is always feeling a peaceful vibe.

This Mailbox Is Here to Party!

17. Junk mail will be promptly bulldozed.

Bulldozer Mail Box

18. This troll-doll totem wards off evil spirits (and collection notices).


19. The friendliest mailbox in the neighborhood.

PLAYOFFICE: Learn By Playing | Handmade Charlotte

20. “You must choose. But choose wisely…”

Mail box

21. Warning: Placing bills in this mailbox may result in electrocution!

-Weird, Cool and Unusual Mailboxes photo

22. Apparently, Ghost Rider mailbox has a new girlfriend. Throw the guy a bone!

mailboxes designs | Crazy mailbox designs04 Crazy mailbox designs

23. Kermit just hasn’t been the same since the operation.

frog mail box

24. Please feed all junk mail to the propeller.

Mail time!  LOVE this vintage motor mail box! #mailbox #diy #recycle #garden #yard #aboutthegarden

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