**Save THOUSANDS with
uKeepCommission Real Estate**

Here at uKeepCommission Real Estate, we pride ourselves on customer service. We like to say that people come to us to save on commissions, but they stay with us for our customer service.

Our business model is based on one simple concept:

  1. Real estate should NOT be a one-size (and one fee) fits all business.

At uKeepCommission Real Estate, we put the customer first by offering various listing plans with various commission structures based on our customer's needs.

Today we offer 3 different plans to sell your home AND we also offer a CASH BACK REBATE for anyone buying a home.

  • For more details on our various listing plans visit: Our Listing Plans

  • To see what our customers are saying about us visit: Testimonials 

  • To learn more about how uKeepCommission got started visit: About Us

If you have any questions, would like schedule a showing or want to discuss your home's value, please give us a call today.

Thank you,

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